25 July 2008

Daytime Corsets in InStyle

Did this catch anyone else's eye?:

This was on page 60 of the July 2008 issue, and having made a corset a couple months back, I appreciated seeing professional stylists' take on how to incorporate such a piece into a daily (daytime) wardrobe. Yay for corsets!

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  1. Ooh, corsets! Fun!

    I didn't really start watching PR until season 3 (just because I hadn't heard of it before that!) So I missed that season 1 challenge. I do remember the recycling center challenge from season 3 and thought that was fun. And I also remember the Levi's challenge--though, to me, that doesn't seem to count so much as a "refashion" challenge because they were taking brand-new jeans and jackets. (Though great for thrift-store inspiration!) And I really did like the weight-loss refashion challenge, too.

    I didn't really enjoy last season too much either. I think a huge part of it was that I couldn't stand Christian (both in personality and design aesthetic) and so I kept getting easily annoyed with it. Haven't really decided who I like/don't like yet this season.


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