20 May 2008

Poetry Saturday: V

I like five even better than four 
I liked four better than three 
Each passing year is better and more 
But passing too fast for me

Louis hasn't even finished his pre-K school year and already I am being recruited to be the elementary school's PTA yearbook chair. Even scarier: I want to do it! Might give me the excuse I need to buy the digital SLR I have been eyeing this last year.

It's still rather shocking that this big guy I gave birth to 5 years ago is going to leave home for 7 hours a day (!!!) once Kindergarten rolls around in the fall. I'm sure he's ready. I'm not sure I'm ready.

On a sewing note, I've decided what my next two sewing projects will be, in keeping with the "summer of dresses" theme: Simplicity 3507 and Vogue 1046.

The Simplicity pattern is a "Project Runway" pattern for juniors, and appeals to me because of the simplicity (no pun intended, totally) of 4 pattern pieces and no zipper or buttons. Nearly instant sewing gratification. It may very well end up looking like a sack on me, but I will still wear it to stay cool, as we've been in 95+ degree temps for the last week and it will only get hotter from here.

The Vogue pattern is new-ish -- just came out a month or so ago -- and I have been eyeing it since, waiting for a $4 pattern sale to come up. Now I own it and need to find the right fabric. I am sure that it needs something very drape-y, a unique combination of having substantial body but not being too heavy and hot. I'm almost certain I will end up with a printed rayon of some kind, but we will see. This pattern has a lot of pieces but NO INTERFACING and no zipper or buttons. If I can find the right fabric, I might be able to sew both dresses by the end of May! Four garments in one month would be a personal record for me!


  1. A warning about the Project Runway patterns---I've sewn two and they have both run enormous. As in I went down and size and they were still giant. So pay close attention to the finished measurements of the pattern when you select a size.
    Hope this helps.

  2. Thank you, Sarah -- that is really great to know. Sizing and measurements are really not intuitive for me and I make mistakes all the time in picking the wrong size, so I will be sure to muslin this one up before cutting into any precious fabric!

  3. Hi Antoinette!
    You HAVE to tell me how the V1046 came out. I just ordered it last Thursday and I'm (not so paitently) waiting for it to come in the mail.

    Love the other dresses you've posted, too. great job.


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