17 May 2008

Fabric quandary

Another short trip for training work last week, another group of great people, and another fun class. Technically I should be posting a Poetry Saturday, but the words aren't coming. I'm doodling a lot, but no words. And there are a lot of potential sewing projects trying to make the cut in my head -- problem is, I am not sure what kind of fabric I want to use, or nothing in my fabric stash looks right and I really don't need to buy more fabric, or I have the perfect fabric in my stash but I am saving it for a different project that isn't at the top of the "must-sew" list.

Why do I create my own drama?

Here are the contenders:

Simplicity 4111: Built By Wendy. I've read a ton of pattern reviews on patternreview.com, as this has been a very popular sew. Looks like a very simple top to put together. I thought I might sew it in a fine cotton voile and shorten the sleeves for summer. But all I have is white cotton voile in the stash and I don't want see-through. Oh, AND about half the reviewers say it's super-low-cut, and I may have to wear a little cami underneath. Then a fine, breezy fabric is a must or it will be too hot with a cami, and I would never wear it! Self-defeating. If I have to re-draft the whole front neckline and band so I can wear sans cami, this may end up a started-but-never-finished project, and I have too many of those already. Plus, I had all these big intentions to sew summer dresses and this clearly is not a dress. I think turning it into a dress would be very maternity. Can't have that.

Simplicity 2922: a new-ish pattern from the "Project Runway" collection. [I think it's so funny that Simplicity has released all these patterns and claimed they were inspired by Project Runway. I was an avid fan for the first three seasons and have watched many of those episodes multiple times. I also watched the entire fourth snoozer season and, among those 50 or so episodes in total, I don't recall any garments that looked like what Simplicity says have been inspired by Project Runway. But as a businessperson, who am I, really, to question such a no-brainer tie-in for home sewing patterns with a hit TV show?] I love, love, love the sleeveless version, and with four pattern pieces it is an Antoinette dream to put together. But what kind of bra do I have to wear with this version of the dress so that the straps are not on display? I don't know that they make such undergarments for diminutively bosomed women.

Vogue 8486: Super-cute style, but it is a knit pattern. Homey don't sew knits too often because homey's knit garments look sloppy. Maybe I could sew it in a woven, just picking a larger pattern size and adjusting the armhole. No one on patternreview.com has written a review of this one yet, so I may hold off until I feel pioneering.

That's all she wrote for today. I took a class at our local sewing & design studio, First Samples, on making a corset. It was an awesome class and I made a fantastic garment that I'm happy with. More on that soon.

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