03 March 2008

Zilker Park Kite Festival 2008

I had to drag both my boys (the almost-5-year-old and the almost-37-year-old) to the festival this year. After parking no less than 300 miles away and walking there, the little one claimed his stomach hurt from hunger and he couldn't walk much further. So we stood in a line only 8 miles long to buy the boy a corn dog. With real meat. Not much veggie fare there.

Anyway, it was totally windy, which is perfect for a kite festival, right? We wandered around and admired the many, many kites, beautiful and colorful. We saw more 8-mile-long lines and ran into a couple of friends similarly bracing against the wind. We saw the kite tree of death.

After not too long, with just a greasy, animal meaty corn dog stick in hand, the boy declared he was done and ready to go. With the extreme wind and nearly-raininess, I had to agree. So we were only there an hour and a half but it was a quality time. We rolled.

I love Austin. Is that a dragon in the sky? Yeah, that dragon, the one next to the kite?

So with the wind and the rainy-ish skies, I was reminded how spring is springing, with just the tiniest hint of winter past. And as we got back to the car, 300 miles away, I saw the my favorite green, which is the green of new spring growth, in the grass next to our car and in a tree across the street from our car. And so inspiration begins.

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