27 March 2008

Stacks o' Denim

I know. Six stacks of denim fabric. I had no idea how much I had, because I started collecting this before I learned to sew apparel. So I had a few yards here, and a few there, and a remnant here, and six yards there (the big hunk of black denim with lycra toward the bottom of the stack. There's enough to make a garment for my husband, my son, AND me just in this cut). Scary thing is that there was one more bit of yardage -- yes, seven cuts of fabric at one point -- but I sewed it into a dress a couple of weeks ago - post on that project forthcoming, after I wash the dress and put it on the form for photos.

Why do I appreciate denim so much? Well, there's the predictability of the fabric. It doesn't play games like a slippery satin or an unravelly rayon. The weight of denim, even the lightweight stuff, demands that I take it more seriously. Most of the denim in my stash is 54"-60" wide, which means more chance to play. Maybe I'll try a new collar or sleeves, and if it doesn't work out, I have some extra for "Plan B".

I'm trying to figure out what to do with the rest of this denim. I think I will try my hand at a denim coat or a little denim moto jacket, with flat-felled seams. And since I have sewn a lot without finishing a pair of pants, I may challenge myself to take this class, which has gotten great reviews from students for helping them tackle the holy grail of apparel projects (for many of us): custom jeans.

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