05 March 2008

I love you and I like you

I think the original idea for this "art quilt" was planted in my head by this SouleMama post from way back when. Louis wrote a birthday message for his dad in pencil on muslin, and I (painstakingly) sewed over his letters with green thread. The sewing wasn't so bad, but the pulling threads to the back and tying and trimming them got tedious.

It has been so long since I tackled any quilting project that I assumed I would remember more than I did. Specifically, the quilt binding was a hot mess. It took me probably a full 45 minutes longer to finish this project than it would have if I knew where to find those great instructions from a quilting book several years ago. Thank heaven for About.com's mitered quilt binding instructions.

So this little guy is just under one foot square, and has a custom Louis message: "Dad, I love you and I like you. Louis"



  1. Nice work Lois and Antoinette! I bet that is going to be daddy's favorite quilt forever.

    Quite a clever idea! A little fabric, a little thread, a little time and a little love.

    How did you get the smaller handwriting of Louis' to be big enough for the block?

  2. you know that is one smart kid you have there - it takes some people years to realise that while you can love someone it's not always easy to like them (the source of many family feuds I'd say).

    Love your blog and your projects, I see your marvellous creativity is rubbing off on your son

  3. That is the sweetest little mini quilt. I love the message too: "I love you and I like you." I bet all parents wish their kids felt that way, especially the parents of teenagers! Nice work!


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