02 February 2008

Poetry Saturday

I finished my wonky version of Burda 8516 this week, and hope to get pictures and a review up today. I am also nearly done with Simplicity 4273 pants, for an upcoming work trip, and I am not sure if I will try to get a new dress done, too. Sometimes my sewing intentions are way too ambitious for my own good! In the next 3 days, while packing and keeping the boy when he has no school Monday?

For poetry... not satisfied by any turn of the widget today, the 4-year-old is not inspired (glued to Speed Racer), and I am uneducated about copyright issues in offering other authors' good poetry on my blog, so I fudge:

They beckon and taunt me, inspire and mock me
Perched in precarious limbo four feet high
Creamy sherbet and rich chocolate, overwhelming emerald and glimmery pewter
Cascading, pooling plum puddles on the floor
Clear as day I see their fates, commit my spirit to realizing this vision
Battling hands that keep pushing forward with alarming predictability

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