21 January 2008

Butterick 3112: Kenzo Wrap Dress (vintage pattern)

Mmmmmm, delicious 70's style. It's not just a dress, it's a wrap dress. It's not just a wrap dress, it's an apron-y wrap dress. It's not just an apron-y wrap dress, it's a HALTER NECK apron-y wrap dress, for the love of disco!

I don't know that modern America hears much from Kenzo these days but may recognize the name from shoe labels or perfume bottles. Kenzo Takada partnered with Butterick in the 70's to create a line of crazy-tasty home sewing patterns that tapped into his popular mainstream aesthetic. I was lucky enough to find one of these patterns in my size at Out of the Ashes Collectibles a few months ago and I finally sewed it up in a patterned royal blue corduroy today.

I tried it on tonight and got a couple of photos, but I wore it over my clothes and it looks very much like an apron and not at all like a dress (duh, right?). I am wearing it tomorrow as a dress and will take a new picture to post here.

Full review of Butterick 3112 at SewingPatterns.com.

And a quick note about Out of the Ashes Collectibles: I found their database easily searchable, their selection of patterns impressive, their prices reasonable ($5-6 for most 60's and 70's patterns), and their customer service outstanding. I've sourced vintage patterns from several places with good results, but this one is the best I've experienced so far.

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  1. I really like your Kenzo dress---it's almost contemporary, which is interesting. It also reminds me of some of the styles that were in some of the Japanese pattern books that I was looking at recently.

    Thanks for the vintage pattern site link. I had way too much fun looking at all the late 80s-early 90s patterns that I loved when I was a tween/teen. I even found my favorite scrunchy pattern!


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