05 August 2012

227. Plus Quilt and How-To / Tutorial

My last baby quilt of this baby season!  Here is the front of the quilt, and after the jump I'll tell you more and give a quick how-to if you want to try to make a quilt block:

04 August 2012

226. Maxi Dress Refashion and random musings

Here she is.  What was once a plus-size cotton gauze muumuu is now a nearly-maxi dress for moi:

Sometimes, when you're challenge-driven, really great things manage to happen despite yourself.

When you're challenge-driven and you let that into your sewing room, things can quickly spiral out of control.  Here's the evolution of this project from "no brainer quickie project" to "now I have to wear this no matter how bad it looks, because I spent so much time on it":